April 10, 2021

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Virtual Race Tips Part 1

7 Steps to Run Your BEST Virtual Race Part 1 – podcast 123

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS7 Steps to Get Ready for a Virtual Race – Part 1 Podcast 123. All the Tips are on RunEatRepeat.com and chime in with @RunEatRepeat on Instagram to connect with other runners. Everyone is welcome!Virtual Races are the best way to keep running and racing this year. And they are tons of options – different distances and dates you can do anywhere in the world! So I’m giving you the 7 Steps to Get Ready for a Virtual Race, stay motivated and really crush it!Before that – can we talk the American tragedy I just learned about… Waco.*Want to Speed to the Virtual Race Tips? –> Go to 21:17 in this episode*  Warm Up: WacoAll Things WacoSharing thoughts on the new Waco mini-series on Netflix. Plus the 2 books and several podcasts I listened to about it.The TV series is available on Netflix now.Audible books:Stalling for Time by Gary Noesner &Waco by David ThibodeauPodcasts covering it on one episode: Crime Writers On – discussed and reviewed the mini-series.The Time Suck podcast covers different topics each episode. The host did one episode about Waco and it’s pretty thorough and lengthy.Before watching the series I wasn’t familiar with Waco. I associated it with a cult, but had no idea what actually happened so it was shocking.The Waco Doc – Wow. Shocking.Stalling for Time – Good book, but only one part about Waco.Waco book – I had so many questions for the Waco survivor. I think he still thinks the cult leader is God?  Main Event starts at 21:17I explain how to really rock each of these tips on the podcast. Listen on your phone via an app or on the post. The Run Eat Repeat Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Plan and more!Virtual Races – Part 1 of the podcast seriesThis is Part 1 of the series all about Virtual Races. Please subscribe to the Run Eat Repeat Podcast so you don’t miss the next episode.Virtual Races and Runs are the hottest workout boom because traditional races and group runs have been cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. Social distancing and the realities of our current world make it really hard to stay motivated to train and run faster, better, stronger.Luckily, virtual races are a great option to help keep you motivated and accountable during this time! And there are tons of different options.If you’re not familiar with Virtual Races and want to learn what they are, how it works, if you should run one and more – check out this post for all the information: What Are Virtual Races and Should You Run One?And if you’ve signed up for a virtual race – you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re talking about How to Stay Motivated while training for a virtual race.No matter what your running goals are – showing up for yourself, staying positive and doing the work will help you run your best life.Let’s go!7 Steps to stay motivated and train for a virtual RaceHow to Get Ready to Run a Virtual Race1 Treat it like a race.2 Register. Make it official. Tell people you’re doing it if that’s what you usually do.3 Set a goal.4 Get a Plan. Find a training plan that will get you prepared and ready to hit your goal.5 Do the work. Take it seriously.6 Connect with other people who are also doing that race or another one around the same time.7 Be accountable. Hold yourself accountable by checking in daily with a runnning buddy, group or on social media. You can tag @RunEatRepeat on Instagram to share too!! Top 3 Take Aways: 1. Don’t join a cult unless it’s a running cult.2. If you want to run a virtual race – treat it like a traditional race and do the work.3. If you’re registered for a race and training right now – chime in on today’s IG post with which race to share race options with others who might be looking for a race or motivation!!Close Show notes and more information are on RunEatRepeat.comCheck in with your workout for today and tag @RunEatRepeat on Instagram so we can connect! If you have any questions or topic requests – email or DM @RunEatRepeat on Instagram!If you have some time – please rate and review this show. It really helps and I really appreciate it.Thanks for listening! Have a great one! Keep Going with these:What’s a Virtual Race and How Do You Find OneIs Chocolate Milk the Best Recovery Drink w Jason KarpRunning Hack to Stay Healthy I took the Covid19 AntiBody TestEasy 3 Ingredient Chocolate Chia Pudding RecipeGet more Running Tips, Training Plans, Recipes and more on RunEatRepeat.com

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