October 23, 2021

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Golden Retriever Won’t Take His Medicine

My Golden Retriever, Diego randomly started bleeding from a bump on his back near his tail yesterday. I took him to the vet and now I’m trying to give him his puppy medicine but he won’t take it! Okay, first – what happened…I noticed Diego’s fur looked wet in one spot yesterday morning. It was weird since he hadn’t been around anything that would’ve gotten him wet like that so I checked it out.Well, it was BLOOD. And he had a big bump!I had noticed a small bump a while back and so had my friend who puppy-sits Diego. We inspected it because we were afraid it was a tick or something – but it just looked like a bump of skin.I think this was the cause of his big bump issue, but can’t really be sure.Recently it seemed like the bump was getting bigger but it wasn’t very noticeable and didn’t seem to bother him. But when it started to bleed I realized it was something that might be serious. He didn’t seem to be in any pain and let us touch the area to clean it and check it out.Yesterday I took him to the vet and it’s most likely an abscess caused by a minor wound that healed over and got infected OR a thorn, fox tail or something similar that poked into his skin. The vet had to do minor surgery to clean it out properly.So… 4 hours and 1200 dollars later – Diego was back home. Yay!!I went to the pet store while I waited for him to get an inflatable cone collar instead of the plastic cone. The plastic cones are really hard for dogs and cats to wear because the diameter is so wide they bump into everything. My place is very small so he already doesn’t have much room to move around. So when you add a big ol’ plastic cone – he’s constantly bumping into walls, chairs, me… and it seems hard to get comfortable to sleep. I used a soft safety cone for dogs after he got neutered and it worked well because :a.) I work from home so he was supervised most of the time and I would’ve noticed if he was trying to lick his woundsb.) I walked him enough to get his ‘sillies’ out so he was tired and would relax / sleep instead of poke around his woundsc.) He’s a pretty good dog and listens if I say no – so it wasn’t a constant battle of him trying to sneak away to lick his wounds.Just like people are different, dogs are different and this might not work for every dog or every dog parent. Do what is best for you and your pet.Diego the Golden Retriever Won’t Take His Pills *You can see this inflatable cone and my other Doggo Must Haves on Amazon here*Keep Going with these:Cone of Shame Alternatives for DogsThat Time Diego Almost DrownedMy Dog Walking Must HavesFollow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for the latest running and funning! 

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